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Food to lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous. It can lead to many health problems, including heart attack, stroke, heart failure, angina, coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, kidney disease, vision loss, sexual dysfunction and more. So, in this post we are going to list food to lower blood pressure.

alt="Food to lower Blood Pressure"


Blueberries and strawberries contain antioxidant compounds called anthocyanin, a type of flavonoid. Researchers conducted a large study with more than 34,000 people with hypertension. They found that people with the highest intake of anthocyanin – mainly from blueberries and strawberries – had an 8 percent reduction in the risk of hypertension compared to those with low intake of high anthocyanin.  Enjoy berries as a snack or sweet treat after a meal, or add them to smoothies and porridge.

alt="Food to lower Blood Pressure"

Salmon and other fatty fish

Fatty fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fats, which has significant cardiovascular health benefits. These fats can help reduce blood pressure levels by reducing inflammation and decreasing levels of blood-vessel-narrowing compounds called oxylipins. Research has linked high intake of omega-3-rich fatty fish to low blood pressure levels. A study in 2,036 healthy people found that people with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fats had significantly lower SBP and DBP than those with the lowest blood levels of these fats. High omega-3 intake is also associated with lower risk of hypertension.

alt="Food to lower Blood Pressure"


This may be more surprising, as some fad diets are distinguished from whole grains such as bread or cereals, but regular whole-grain intake is associated with a lower risk of healthy heart and hypertension. This is not surprising for us at Heart Foundation – we know that high intake of whole foods is associated with a 30% lower risk of death from heart disease. Choose whole grain versions of your regular foods: whole grain pasta and rice, whole bread, whole grains or high fiber breakfast cereals such as rolled oats, oatmeal, or toasted muesli. Remember to check your portion size. It can be easy to over-serve rice and pasta. Keep ½ to 1 cup (cooked) in your main meal and load on vegetables instead.

Limit sodium

One of the most important things you can do to maintain blood pressure levels is to limit the amount of salt / sodium. With recommendations to stay heart-healthy, Zimmerman suggests staying below 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. 1 teaspoon salt in quantity). Unfortunately, this can be a tall order, even if you stay away from SaltShaker. Canned and processed foods can be loaded with sodium. For example, just 1 whole dill pickle may contain 500 to 800 mg of sodium. Reading labels and ingredient lists can help you avoid the obvious offenders.

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