French fries recipe at home

French fries are perfect starter dish complimenting the whole menu. If it’s a party or an awkward family, the menu seems incomplete without the French fries. French fries are easy to prepare, less time consuming and fantastic for the exam. Have the hands never tried before? Don’t you know how friezes are made at home in French? We’re here to assist you not to fret. We address the French fries recipe at home for this tasty starter dish with ease in this article. What you need to do is follow the directions below carefully;


 1 potato per person

Cooking oil for 1 liter



With the very basic ingredients ready, you can then move to the next stage of French fries making

Phase 1: Fries with or without skin textures taste great in both ways. You should make sure that you preserve the skins of the potatoes well. Put the pumpkin into 1⁄4 fried forms. Shape it for strips of fried rice. Then, rinse them under a lot of cold running water in a wide bowl and dip them into water, then cool them down for at least thirty minutes.

Phase 2: Take a wide tub, heat a medium to low heat with an oil. Heat it up to 165 C for the candy thermometer. Ensure that the surface of the oil and the top of the pot will span up to 3 cm, so that when the fried fry is inserted, the oil is not bubbled up and scattered. Be careful when cooking and keep the slap away when frying. Be careful.

Phase 3: Take the chilled fries after about 30 minutes. Drain water and cover the potatoes in a clean cloth, then paste it thoroughly into a dry clean towel. Increase the oil flame with a hot oil for a couple of minutes. Fry well and stir until the potatoes look soft and limp. Then, cut the fries and rinse them over the paper towels with a slotted spoon. Enable 10-20 minutes to relax.

Phase 4: Reheat second fry oil before eating. If the fried potatoes have been moved to a hot oil pan, fry and add regularly until light brown has turned on them. When done, sprinkle some salt over the paper towel and taste. And you’re able to serve the French fries.

To conclude, no meal is complete without the right starters. French fries are the best option when opting for an Italian cuisine. Therefore, when in doubt, order FRENCH FRIES. Hope, the above-mentioned recipe as answered in the best possible way to your question for how make French fries at home.

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