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Healthy foods to lose Weight

Fiber or rouge is generally considered important to keep your stomach clean and the system working, which is why most weight loss meal plans recommend high fiber foods. Dietary fiber is both soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps in lowering cholesterol and glucose, which in turn helps to stay healthy and lose weight. Insoluble fiber helps maintain the speed of the intestines and the digestive system. Sources of fiber in nature are mainly plant-based. For example, most mineral-rich, low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables are full of fiber. Beans and legumes are another way to introduce high-fiber foods into your diet. Whole wheat flour, some types of nuts and wheat bran are also rich sources of fiber. On the other hand, red meat, lean meat and other types of meat, poultry or dairy products have no fiber. In this article we are going to cover the best healthy foods to lose weight.

alt="Healthy foods to lose Weight"


Rich in quality protein and fat that promotes fullness, eggs are also high in biotin, a vitamin that helps the body process, transfer and burn fat more efficiently. Steamed instead of fried, stick to onions or fried.

alt="Healthy foods to lose Weight"

Chili Peppers

Including a little heat in your diet can help you lose weight. Studies show that you have a spicy start to your morning, for example, eating chili as part of your breakfast allows you to opt for a smaller lunch. Apparently, it is under capsaicin which is found in chili and cayenne pepper which have appetite suppressing properties. Roasted – Peppers are not the easiest item to cope with as your morning meal, but stir in a scrambled egg-white omelet or scrambled eggs for a spicy weight loss kick.

alt="Healthy foods to lose Weight"


We have all been told since childhood how important it is to eat green vegetables. This green leafy vegetable is low in calories and rich in nutrients. It contains vitamin K, vitamin A, folate, iron, calcium, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, protein, and zinc. And you would be surprised to know that 1 cup of this nutrient-dense leaf contains only 10 calories. The fiber in it helps to maintain digestion and helps in fighting constipation.

alt="Healthy foods to lose Weight"

Beans and legumes

Beans and legumes such as lentils, kidney beans, and chickpeas are high in fiber and plant-based protein that keep you full longer. One study state that a diet that includes regular legumes can help with weight control. The fiber, protein, and slowly digested carbohydrates found in legumes can help satiety.  In addition, legumes high in magnesium such as dried roasted beans and soybeans, lower stress hormones, and fight depression. For a healthy and happy weight loss meal, add lentils or kidney beans wrapped in your salad or leafy greens.

alt="Healthy foods to lose Weight"


Salmon is a rich source of high-quality protein and provides lots of “good” fats: omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids helped people feel more satisfied when they were watching their calories, according to a study in Apatite. Eating salmon can be a tasty and versatile way to get your recommended two weekly servings of heart healthy fish.

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